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Division of Student Life

Welcome from Tom

Welcome from Tom

Higher education at a public research university has the potential to change lives in profound ways. Of course we see the changes in our students as we work with them over the years they spend with us. They learn about the world and they learn about themselves, they come to better understand the opportunities that lie within the diversity they encounter, and they develop a sense of efficacy and agency that allows them to make a difference in the many communities in which they live.

What we sometimes forget, though, is that the growth we see in our students ripples far beyond them as individuals. The work we do with students multiplies as they apply the lessons they learn here in their work, their families, and their service. That is, in fact, why this state and this country invest in public higher education. The work we do with our students develops citizens who make the world a better place.

That work takes place in the classroom and beyond. In this year’s annual report, we spotlight a few of the ways the Division of Student Life has contributed to the noble endeavor we call public higher education. Each of these stories reflects the hard and wise work that staff members in the Division does to further our mission of supporting student success. 


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Tom Rocklin
Vice President for Student Life

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Active Minds brings mental health issues to light with True @ the U

Active Minds brings mental health issues to light with True @ the U

Center for Student Involvement & Leadership

Active Minds, a University of Iowa student organization focused on mental health, worked this year to create True @ the U, a mental health campaign focused on encouraging students to seek help.