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Violence Prevention Team educates campus in new ways

Violence Prevention Team educates campus in new ways

This past year the Violence Prevention Team, consisting of Khirin Carter and Meagan Schorr from the Women’s Resource & Action Center (WRAC), and Susan Junis from RVAP, has provided prevention education in new ways in an effort to end gender-based violence and discrimination on campus. 

Partnership with Sigma Lambda Beta

The Violence Prevention Team partnered with the local chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta, the national president of Sigma Lambda Beta, and Dr. Jason Daniel-Ulloa, a faculty member in the College of Public Health, on engaging men in violence prevention.

“Sigma Lambda Beta, a historically Latino fraternity, is actively interested in this work,” said Carter. “It has been great to have access to both local students and the national organization.”

The purpose of this partnership is twofold – to utilize the cultural strengths of the community by providing opportunities for critical reflection on masculinity and social norms, assumptions and knowledge of campus sexual violence, and the role students play in prevention, and to offer a space for college men to be involved in violence prevention strategies with the goal of improving the effectiveness of future activities. Dr. Daniel-Ulloa, whose focus is Latino men’s health, conducted focus groups with the local chapter and during the fraternity national convention.

“One thing we learned from this partnership is that we need more student voices in the development of violence prevention work, and to respond to student voices when programming,” said Schorr.

The College of Law

In fall 2015 the team worked with Dean Crain in the College of Law to conduct bystander intervention training for all first-year College of Law students during their orientation programming. After this initial training the team was asked back to train second and third year students as well as some staff members in a volunteer session.  In all, 255 faculty, staff, and students were trained, including the entire first-year class. View more data.

“This was a great opportunity to work with graduate/professional students, and we are excited for this strong partnership with the College of Law,” said Junis. “In the coming year we will continue to look for partnerships to train graduate and professional students in other colleges.”

Learn more about bystander intervention workshops and other available workshops at the Ending Violence at Iowa website.

Choose Care

To better educate incoming students, the Violence Prevention Team worked with I-SITE (Iowa Student Interactive Theatre Experience) and Student Life Marketing + Design to create a culture of care video. The group staged various problematic situations on campus, at the CRWC, the Main Library, residence halls, etc., to see how the community would intervene. Scenes included sexual harassment, interpersonal violence, homophobia, xenophobia, and street harassment. Those instigating the behavior and those targeted were actors and those intervening were University of Iowa community members.  The video was shown as a part of a bystander intervention curriculum delivered during Day 1 of On Iowa!

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Macbride Raptor Project changes name to Iowa Raptor Project, representing a new vision

Macbride Raptor Project changes name to Iowa Raptor Project, representing a new vision

Recreational Services

The program formerly known as Macbride Raptor Project, changed its name to the Iowa Raptor Project, effective June 1, 2016. The name change reflects the organization’s shifted focus from rehabilitating individual raptors to field research focusing on habitat needs and identifying risks to preserve raptor populations.