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Division of Student Life

About the report

About the report

The Division of Student Life Annual Report is produced and written by student and staff contributors in the Division of Student Life. Students who produce this report gain experience in the areas of interviewing, writing, editing, photography, and video production. The report is a collection of stories and media produced throughout the year, focusing on new initiatives and programs that produce positive outcomes for students. 

Joshua De Lanoit

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Joshua De Lanoit graduated with a B.A. in both English and cinematic arts in the spring of 2016. Having worked as a videographer for M+D, he was also an active member in Student Video Production (SVP) and Iowa's student-run radio station, KRUI. In addition, Josh was involved with SVP's student-run scripted talk-show, "Iowa Desk & Couch," and created his own sketch comedy group, "Raised By TV."

Molly Georgia

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Molly is currently a junior pursuing journalism and mass communication, with a certificate in entrepreneurship. She helped to coordinate this year's annual report team by scheduling interviews, drafting articles, and editing the final product. Some of her outside interests include caffeinated beverages, cats, and indulging in reruns of the 90's sitcom, Seinfeld. Following her graduation, Molly hopes to apply her skills in written communication to a job within the field of public relations.

Lily Goodman

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Lily Goodman, a sophomore, is part of the photography troupe at M+D. As an English major on the creative writing track, Lily enjoys reading and writing short stories, as well as poetry. In addition to academics and her work with M+D, Lily is also an actively involved with the student-run radio station at Iowa, KRUI, where she DJs once each week. After her time at Iowa is completed, Lily hopes to find work as a high school English teacher in her native city of Chicago.  

 Jace Koenig


Jace Koenig is a junior cinema major, specializing in video production for M+D, as well as photography on the side. His interests include skiing, music, tattoos, and freelance filming, and he is also an active member and recruitment chair for the Delta Chi Fraternity on campus. Although he enjoys filming a variety of subjects, Jace hopes to someday produce videos for popular music artists. 

Alisa Hrustic 


Alisa graduated with a B.A. in journalism and mass communications and a certificate in writing during the spring 2016 semester. Having worked as a web writer and social media manager at M+D for 2 years, she is now using her writing and web skills as an online assistant editor at Men's Health magazine in Pennsylvania, where she writes and edits articles daily, helps build stories on the website, and assists with scheduling social media posts.

Emily Nolan

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Emily is a senior double-majoring in journalism and graphic design. This is her second year working as a writer and social media manager for M+D. Additionally, Emily is the social media coordinator for Molly's Cupcakes in downtown Iowa City, and serves as director of digital marketing for SCOPE Productions. After she graduates, Emily wants to use her journalism and marketing skills at a position within the music industry.

Melissa Quaiyoom

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Melissa is a junior majoring in journalism and mass communications and communication studies. She has contributed to the annual report both as a writer and photographer since spring. Melissa is also an active member and head photographer in her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, on campus. In her future, Melissa sees for herself a job in communications or photography somewhere in a big city. 

Olivia Sun

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Olivia Sun is a third-year journalism student, working as a photographer and videographer for M+D. In her spare time, she also takes photos for the Daily Iowan, and is passionate about internet culture, indie rock music, and massive amounts of coffee. Olivia hopes to pursue documentary or data journalism as a career in the near-to-distant future.

Staff acknowledgments

Several staff members have made contributions to this year's report. 

  • Khirin Carter, Women's Resource & Action Center
  • David Conrads, Recreational Services
  • Anita Cory, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership
  • Dr. Jason Daniel-Ulloa, College of Public Health
  • Michael Davis, School of Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Brandon Ewoldt, Student Life Marketing + Design
  • Sarah Hansen, Division of Student Life
  • Shawn Hawks, Recreational Services
  • Nellie Hermanson, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership
  • Allison Hursh, Recreational Services
  • Lisa James, Student Health & Wellness
  • Susan Junis, Rape Victim Advocacy Program
  • Mikael Mulugeta, Division of Student Life 
  • Bill Nelson, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership
  • Dustin Quam, Student Life Marketing + Design
  • Lyn Redington, Dean of Students 
  • Beth Ripperger, Student Health & Wellness
  • Tom Rocklin, Vice President for Student Life 
  • Roy Salcedo, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership
  • Tommy Schorer, Recreational Services
  • Meagan Schorr, Iowa Cancer Consortium (formerly WRAC) 
  • Barry Schreier, University Counseling Service
  • Linda Stewart Kroon, Women's Resource & Action Center 
  • Danelle Stipes, Recreational Services
  • Chuck Thomas, Recreational Services
  • Peggy Valdés, College of Education (formerly LNACC)
  • Tanya Villhauer, Division of Student Life
  • Tabitha Wiggins, Division of Student Life

 Division Communicators:

  • Carly Armour, Student Disability Services
  • Anne Bassett, UI Office of Strategic Communication 
  • Amanda Bittorf, University Housing & Dining
  • Bret Gothe, Student Life Marketing + Design
  • Laurie Haag, Women’s Resource & Action Center
  • Justin Holman, Recreational Services
  • Lauren Katalinich, Student Life Marketing + Design
  • Jeremy Kinser, University Counseling Service 
  • Ben Lewis, Student Life Marketing + Design 
  • Angie Reams, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Adam Robinson, Rape Victim Advocacy Program
  • Eric Rossow, Iowa Memorial Union
  • Teri Schnelle, Division of Student Life
  • Kelly Teeselink, Recreational Services
  • Jacob Varvel, Student Life Marketing + Design 
  • Trisha Welter, Student Health & Wellness